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Blending is an art and requires the understanding not only of what the wine is today, but what it will be in the future. Our methodology of blending is not just to create a wine of balance, finesse, and enjoyment, but to fully express the diversities of our growing region. Through countless tasting trials, the Scharffenberger team ranks and sorts through each fermentation lot and reserve wine to assemble a Mendocino masterpiece. We believe the sum of all the parts is greater than the individual components alone.

All of our wines are made in the two-step méthode traditionnelle process where the wines are individually bottle-fermented before being riddled and disgorged. To accomplish this, a small amount of cane sugar and yeast are added to the base blend on its way into bottle. Inside the capped bottle, the yeast will consume the sugar and create carbon dioxide necessary for bubbles. Trapped inside the bottle, the carbon dioxide slowly infuses into the wine to create the fine sparkle known the world over. 

To further the depth of texture, flavors and aromas, every bottle ages a minimum of 24 months on the lees. Prior to release, the bottles will be riddled (collecting the lees in the neck of the bottle), disgorged (expelling the yeast), topped off with the desired dosage (sweetened reserve wine), and aged on the cork for 6 months.

Every year, through fractional blending (also known as solera) the reserve wine adds a new chapter to the story of Scharffenberger Cellars. On average, 12% of reserve wine is added to our non-vintage blends, which helps define the classic and consistent flavors and aromas of our sparkling wines. This added layer of complexity ensures that our wines tell the story of our past and current vintages. A portion of the reserve wine is also used in our dosage following disgorgement.

Our Team

Jeffrey Jindra our winemaker.

Jeffrey Jindra


Winemaker Jeffrey Jindra, influenced by Mendocino County’s pioneering spirit, first discovered his passion for wine during family meals. His dedication to the craft solidified during his studies at Sonoma State University, followed by a seven-harvest stint at Loxton Cellars in the Sonoma Valley. With a UC Davis viticulture and enology program completion and two New Zealand vintages under his belt, he honed his skills during six vintages at Husch Vineyards. Jeffrey’s extensive experience in Sonoma, New Zealand, and Anderson Valley led him to Scharffenberger Cellars in 2018. Committed to the winery’s ethos, he continues to produce exquisite sparkling wines that embody Mendocino County’s diverse viticultural identity.

Bob Gibson our Vineyard Operations Manager.

Bob Gibson

Director of Vineyard Operations

Bob’s passion for producing the highest quality wine grapes has been cultivated over a lifetime and more than 35 years of commitment to the vineyard operations in the Anderson Valley. Raised on his family’s vineyard in Hopland, California, Bob has deep roots as a grape grower and a strongly held vineyard management philosophy: respect the land, care for the soil, listen to the vineyard. Bob has been instrumental in developing and managing our Anderson Valley vineyards, from planting to farming to harvesting. His knowledge of the land and commitment to stewardship is invaluable, and his contribution lasting. Today, he lives in Hopland, continuing to tend the family vineyard that is his home.

Our History


The history of Scharffenberger Cellars began in 1981 in the heart of Mendocino’s Anderson Valley. Under the pioneering leadership of its founder, John Scharffenberger, the winery embarked on a mission to craft unparalleled California sparkling wine, poised to rival the best in the world.


In 1992, Scharffenberger Cellars granted 63 acres to the Anderson Valley Land Trust for its conservation efforts of neighboring Indian Creek, solidifying the winery’s unwavering commitment to preserving and nourishing the land and its surroundings.

Poppies in the foreground with Anderson Valley landscape in the background.
Scharffenberger barn in a field of grass.


John was recognized as an innovator in the Anderson Valley region, and the brand’s prestige attracted the attention of Champagne Pommery, who became a partner in 1989. John eventually sold his portion of the business and recognized his opportunity to pursue other avenues outside of the wine industry.


After multiple shifts in ownership, Scharffenberger Cellars entered a new era as a member of the Roederer Collection in 2004, under the ownership of Maison Louis Roederer. Tex Sawyer, winemaker since 1989, remained at the helm of the winery and sparkling wine production.

Two glasses of sparkling rose wine.
Winemaker Jeffrey Jindra holding a bottle and glass of sparkling wine.


Jeffrey Jindra took over winemaking operations at Scharffenberger Cellars in early 2018 and became only the third winemaker in the winery’s history. Jeffrey has stayed true to the winery’s original philosophy and time-honored practices of méthode traditionnelle, to create stellar quality, delicious sparkling wines that reflect the diversity of the premier Mendocino County viticultural appellation.

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